Place mats - Cotton

£4.99 incl tax

These delightful additons to your table have useful ties so that you can tie them up in a roll to make it easier for transporting or packaging.

Doube sided, they have wadding to save hot plates causing a problem to your table - a feast for the eye before you get to eat and it can match the theme that you have created at your table.

100%cotton with dotty ties in dotty ribbon.

Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Size :- 28cm x 38cm

Also available in  Wellies and Watering Cans, Cupcakes and Ducks and Chicks.

Team up with tablecloth, tea towel, apron and bunting to create a wonderful space in your house.

Purchase options

CupcakesA fun design of cupcakes in pink blue and green on taupe background. 100% Cotton
Ducks & ChicksDucks and chicks in red and grey on white background - 100% cotton
WelliesWellies and Watering Cans on sorbet background in 100% Cotton
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